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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blah Holiday Blues!

Guess I will start taking down Christmas decorations. Tonight I put away all the Christmas cards I received from others, having a hard time bringing myself to take the decorations down this year. It is all just so pretty and I don't want to put it away, still enjoying them too much. Just doesn't feel like I had Christmas in a way I guess. I mean I had a wonderful Christmas with Sandy and her family but it is just odd not having been in my own home or with my child for the first time ever at Christmas! Just feels sort of strange. Got a couple dolls to finish up and then suppose I better get busy on getting the decorations down if I don't want them to still be blinking red and green at Easter. Hoping this New Year will bring so much more good health and happiness and financial blessings for us all!

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  1. Carmen, if you are still enjoying your decorations why not leave them up for awhile? I have the blues too, my baby boy is leaving early tomorrow, these last 2 weeks have been wonderful and I don't want it to end but the Army makes it end:(