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Friday, February 4, 2011

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah! Did I mention BLAH????

Corky sitting at the puter with me this morn.
Wet cold rainy day here in old Georgia. Dirt road makes sure my vehicle stays muddy lately as we have a lot of rain the past week or so. Rained all day yesterday again, started in afternoon and continued all night. Doesn't look any different out there today either. Brrrr, turned cold too. Got up earlier than usual these days, fed the chickens, let the dogs out and fed my precious Curly, took him a treat after wards. He sure does need to be sheared but will have to wait until the cold air passes. I let the dogs in after their run but some how Corky got left behind. After about 15 minutes I noticed she still didn't come in the living room where I was so I started to look for her..OOOPs. left her outside, she didn't make it in the door. Poor baby was sitting there at the back steps waiting patiently in the wet and cold. Sooo, while Bristol and Zoey are running and bouncing all through the house playing tug of war with a rope toy, Corky is sitting in my lap all snuggled and warm while I am on the computer. Corky is pretty much the Boss Dog around here..LOL. But I think she is so tired of Bristol being so crazy and not abiding by doggy rules she has given up! LOL! Think I am actually feeling a little better today so I hope to get up from here and get busy!


  1. Corky looks very content there Carmen:) I am loving the green grasses in your background, all we see here is WHITE! Hope the rain & cold go away for you and have a great day!!!

  2. I know what you mean by the nasty weather and one of the fur babies getting left out..makes me feel bad when that happens and I let them get up on my bed and snuggle..they don't even get upset with us for forgetting them :)