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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes Linda, Miley and I watched the games today!!!I'm telling you, Miley loves to watch FootBall as much as I do!!!!

Well here we are watching the Sunday Pro Games while I sewed a little... Miley was enjoying the game until the ref made a really bad call and Miley had to move in for a closer look, " WHAT????!!Oh no you did not just make that call on my boys!!! Miley was in total disbelief........... then she wanted to rip the ref right out of the TV.. good thing the ref is protected by that glass on the TV screen! Heeeeee


  1. These pictures are so great, I love seeing them! I sure like your Miley! My cat's never get close to the TV.


  2. Thanks so much for your comments ladies.. Miley has been such a fun cat! And I am so amazed at how much Miley seems to love Football! Definitely purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect cat for me!! heee!