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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

WOW, this is really starting to fascinate me!!

I had both TV's on, one in the living room and also in my sewing room. During the news,.... nothing, during the pre game show..nothing. As soon as the game started..BINGO! I was watching the game in my living room while working on a scarecrow head, came into my sewing room to get something and there was Miley GLUED to the TV again in the usual spot where he watches the games!!! The Ravens, Jets game was on and Miley was fascinated!! Yes I just LOVE this cat!


  1. Maybe he thinks they are mice---or that the crowd is cheering for him.......
    We've had cats that watch TV; actually get close and try to bat at the moving things. They loved video games......

  2. It is really amazing how Miley gets into watching the games...I just love seeing the photos of him! So funny!!