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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Curly followed me onto the front porch today while I had him out for his walk.

This old wagon wheel came from my Dad's house, I cleaned out my front yard flower bed today and decided the wheel would look nice behind the scarecrow. Meanwhile, Curly decided to follow me to the front porch and see what I was doing. He ate some of the weeds I pulled from the flower bed, so I guess that is his way of helping me clean it out. Even though he has a huge fenced area to graze in and a barn, he still loves to come out front with me and see what is going on or go for a short walk with me.


  1. Love your porch decorations and love Curly.


  2. Curly is THE most adorable goat.....I can see why you love him so!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!! I do love Curly so much and he is such a cutie! I have had him for many, many years.