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Monday, September 27, 2010

Miley and Me

We were watching that awesome "Falcons vs Saints " game Sunday.. Wooooo...What a game!!!! Couldn't take my eyes off it, certainly was exciting!!!!
Miley was starting to get sleepy. It rained all weekend, much needed rain and I certainly enjoyed it. Vanessa and Gabriel had left Saturday to go on to Bradenton, Florida where we are from to see my sister(her mom) , I miss them.. Celena went to Albany Saturday morning and will stay for the week and help her friend Jillian move so I have the house to myself and enjoyed the games and the rain this past weekend! What a relaxing weekend to end a very busy week. And of course tonight is what else but MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!


  1. I just love that cat of yours Carmen!!


  2. Your kitty looks alot like my Ruskin! Aren't they just the sweetest things.

  3. It just cracks me up, I have never seen a
    cat watch football games....Your cat is
    sure one of a kind!

    Bear Hugs~Karen