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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nap Time?

Just had to take a quick nap on one of those wonderful jail bunks..LOL. Poor Gabriel ( my niece's 2 yr old son) and I got put behind bars today! At least they let him bring his sippy cup and a toy truck in for us to play with! (LOL)... Vanessa, Celena, Gabriel and I went to the Museum of Criminal Justice today. Very interesting. Then we went on to another town, Fitzgerald, to the Blue Gray Museum. Was really a fun day. We ate at the "Last Meal Cafe" at the Justice Center!


  1. LOL, you two make very cute "jail-birds" Carmen!!!! I think it wouldn't be too bad with a toy truck and a sippy cup either:D

  2. Thanks Carmen..LOL.. It was fun just as long as we knew we could leave when we wanted!!!