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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wow!! Been a while! Had issues with my other computer so I had to buy a new one, this time I bought a brand new one, a Dell and I love it! Has sooo much Kewl stuff on it. It has a huge screen and is an "all in one" wireless so I can just take it from room to room, has the wireless mouse and keyboard too. A couple  months ago Celena and Michael gave me a practically brand new Toshiba laptop. A friend of Michael's in the Navy shipped out to Afghanistan so the laptop wasn't going with them and they gave it to Michael, he and Celena gave it to me cause they didn't want it. Sooo, I am well covered in computers for now! I started my IV treatments yesterday. Was sooo scared and nervous about possible side effects or reactins to the drug, but I did fine. Celena and Michael drove me to Valdosta where I am getting the infusions.. have to go every two weeks for 2 hour  IV treatments  for six week and then I only have to go once every 8 weeks, for life. Had a great day with Celena and Michael though, we had lunch afterwards and then went to do a little shopping. I started to get a headache and heart palps and a few things like that later that evening after I was home, I am assuming that was all from the medication in my Treatment but it wasn't bad. So I was much more relieved. Also got weighed in at the doc office yesterday and have lost another 7 pounds so that was very happy news! Been losing weight steady now. Glad to be back on here and able to Blog again! Blessings to all!

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