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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Had a very nice day yesterday and 2day. Sandy and Todd were here yesterday, had a great vist and Todd took us out to eat at Waffle House yesterday evening. Sandy brought me a few goodies.....we always exchange a few items... the jar candle and the tart with the crow were from her plus she gave me a few tarts.. all smell soo yummy! Sandy and I went to our favorite Thrift Store of course!  Hate to see them go home, wish they could stay longer. Today I received my mail..and woot wax mason jar with the flicker candle and a couple scented wax items came  from Carmen Smith of "Waxed Out Creative Life" blogspot! Love her work, the packaging was so beautiful, primitively perfect.... I hated to unwrap it but of course I did. Am enjoying all of my two days worth of goodies sooo very mcuh, they all smell so good. Then there is a pic above of  my Miley with little Cleo.. Miley has finaly decided to accept Cleo being here. Cleo just loves to try to curl up with the dogs  and Miley.. just who ever will let her! This time it was Miley. Have a Blessed Day everyone!

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  1. The waffle house sounds yummy! I'm sure your house is smelling wonderful.Cleo is just adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy