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Friday, June 22, 2012

God's awesome creations!

After my company left and the sun finally came up this morning  I went out to hang some laundry and noticed a huge bee on my sunflower so I got a great close up of it, so kewl!! The fence is in the way a little but that is what the line across it is. Then on my front porch I have this old wooden birdhouse for decoratiion.. so I thought, been there for many years, I saw some dried grass sticking out of it today so I started to pull it out and there was a lot of it stuffed in there so I turned the birdhouse on it's side and a tiny little baby bird fell out and there  was at least one more in there I saw! They were sooo teeny tiny! I had gently tunred it over so it didn't hurt the baby when it came out so I put him back in and set the birdhouse back on the bench where it had been and watched for the mamma to come feed them, hoping I hadn't disturbed them too much. I managed to get a good video clip of  her going in and out feeding them so I feel better now that all is well at the bird house! They are so tiny and cute!! Then the Happy Dancing flower in my window is what my sister bought for me yesterday when we went to BarnYard Creations Gift shop in Sylvester, she also got me a delicious smelling candle. The dancing flower  is solar powered and dances when the sun is hitting it. It makes me smile when I look at it, so cute! It is a very small one.. just perfect size.... sits on the top of the window and is so cute when it is just smiling and dancing away! Double sided tape holds it in place in the window..clever idea! I love the Smiley Face base on it, they had colored ones or the yellow smiley and since it made me smile every time I see it I wanted the Smiley Face! Have had a very fabulous and Blessed  few days with my sister and Bob. Teresa went to church with me Wednesday night after we got in from road running all day so I was so happy about that. They go to church but it was just nice to have her visit my church  here with me! Hope everyone has had a Blessed, Friday again already! I have go tot get super busy.. got soo mch to do! Blessings to all!

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  1. Hello Carmen,so happy the momma birdy came back to feed her babies,sweet bird house. I have little wrens feeding there young now,so cute. Your dancing sunflower would make you smile for sure,love it. I always have a smelly candle burning to,Enjoy the weekend, Blesssings Francine.