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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Having a great time with my sister Teresa and her hubby Bob who atre up for a visit for a few days.Took some pics of us, my garden, my sunflowers are blooming as of yesterday, pics of my yard.. part of it anyway.. I have a huge one! And of course Curly , my goat, being nosey as usual. He loves having his picture taken! I am having a wonderful time with my company. Celena and Michael were here for dinner tonight as well. Michael and Chris mowed my lawn for me while I was in Valdosta getting my three hour IV infusion treatment yesterday . UGh, what a way to spend the day. But I REALLY appreciate them mowing the lawn for me.

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  1. Hello,found your wonderful prim blog and had to join,loves me primitives. Hope you feel better,nice to have help mowing that nice big yard.Cute goat,kitty and dog, gotta love them critters. Blessings Francine.