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Friday, June 22, 2012

I had a wonderful three days with my sister Teresa and her hubby Bob. They are the type of people who are on the go all the time, so for three days that is what I did too! We went to Valdosta and ate at  the new Olive Garden, spent the day there going to Hobby Lobby, Goodwill, Shoe Carnival, and  just all sorts of places, even some of which I have never been in b/f. The next day was on to  a little town called Sylvester where we go for our traditional Stop N Shop at a wonderul little gift shop called "BarnYard Creations".  Barbara the owner is a friend of mine and she sells the wonderful Swan Creek candles so we got some candles and then Barbara told us of a fantastic restaraunt close by called "Fat Boy's Bar B Q" so we ate there for lunch and oh was it ever delicious!!  Tuesday night I had cooked a big dinner and had Celena and Michael over also , we had a great family get-together! Was so much fun having everyone here again.Last night after we got in from road running all day we picked blueberries and finally stopped to rest, put our feet up and just relaxed and chatted for a while. It was an awesome time with them, we ate a lot of rich delicious foods and stayed on the go.  Teresa bought  one of those fabulous chocolate cakes with the Butter Cream frosting from Publix.. my favorite cake in the world!!! Can't wait for them to come back again. I am sure I gained back a few pounds of the weight I have lost! But it was soo worth it.  They wouldn't let me pay for anything the whole time they were here so all my meals and things weer free.. that was so generous of them!! I had to act like a real tourist and took pics of us at Olive Garden, Hobby Lobby, pics of my sunflowers again, the big dinner I cooked Tuesday night, etc....They left early this morn to go home, I was actually up at ten after four this morning, they had just gotten up also and were getting the car loaded for the trip home. I loaded them up with blueberries, green tomatoes and things from my garden.  I said my good byes around 5 this morn,(boo hoo sniff sniff) and watched them leave. So sad. But so thankful they got to come, I had an absolutely wonderful time. I can't wait for therm to come back again. Love having them here. Blessings to everyone......

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  1. Love all your gorgeous pictures Carmen, so pretty!!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and you deserve it too my friend:) I love the pic of Curly, lol, he's so darned handsome!!!! Have a great evening and thanks for sharing the eye candy with us;)