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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just a Quiet Day in the Country!

My sweet dear brother Jimmy! Took this pic Sunday as they were getting ready to head back home. He has such a big heart and just loves animals. These are my three dogs and they all just loved him, even Corky, the border collie mix.. and she normally doesn't take to anyone and is VERY protective of me. But Jimmy won her over in a heartbeat even when they were here at Thanksgiving. I LUV U Jimmy!

The stray rooster that runs loose around out here all the time, has a little group of hens that follow him. He is big and pretty but can be a nuisance.
Look to the right and you can see PinWheel lying there in the grass, PinWheel is the little calico cat that has taken up here that I feed, been here since September I believe. She is precious, so petite, and not afraid of my dogs at all, they seem to get along well.
One of the cows across the street from me, I live on a dirt road and right out in front of my house is dear old Mr. Marvin Williams cow pasture.

The curious calf! So cute, Bella Magew, my neighbors new puppy, was barking at the calf, she didn't know what to think of them yet!

My sister, my brother and his wife all dropped in unexpectedly on me last Friday night,brought me a birthday cake and a few gifts, I was so surprised and so happy to see them. They came up from Bradenton, Florida where I am from. We had a wonderful visit, they stayed until Sunday afternoon. Miss them so much. My brother Jimmy is the sweetest most wonderful person you ever want to meet, his daughter is the one that won medals at the state weight lift. But, they have retrurned home now and it is back to the grind stone! I do have Sandy's visit to look forward to, she and Samantha will be here in a couple weeks for the show. It is so nice having company like this since I have no family or anyone that lives anywhere near me or even in this state. I walked out yesterday to see the calf looking back at me..LOL. Snapped a few pics. I just love old barns and farm scenes so I will share them with you!

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  1. such beautiful, peaceful scenes Carmen, and your brother is such a gentle soul, animals just have a way of knowing things like that:) I'm so glad you had a nice visit!!!