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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Son In Law, Michael is headed for Japan with our Navy

Looks like Michael is going to Japan to help out with rescue efforts there. He is in the United States Navy, stationed at Port Hueneme in California
This is 2010 when his unit was in Aghanistan, he has been there twice already. It is a horrible place to be.
My dear Son In Law Michael Garcia. He is married to my precious baby girl, Celena Jem. They live in Oxnard, California. Michael is stationed there at Port Hueneme with the U.S. Navy. He has been to Afghanistan twice and by the Grace of God has made it home safely both times. Now he is headed to Japan to help with rescue efforts after this earth quake yesterday. He and Celena live in Oxnard, California right on the water at the harbor so I fear those tsunami's coming in from the quakes.May God be with all our Military and their families everywhere. My prayers go out to everyone affected by what has happened in Japan, to them and their families.
May God watch over them all.


  1. Carmen, Michael will be in my prayers again as he heads for Japan, what tragedy there, it's just heart breaking! My son is headed to Hawaii on the 22nd for his first duty station. SO far away from home, but yet it could be worse! He will apply for housing when he gets there so his wife can join him, and the baby is due in August, so hopefully no deployments before then! Will Celena come stay with you again while he is away?

  2. I will pray for his safety and for you and your daugher!! Hugs, Lecia