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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Storms, Pets, and Being Lazy

Took the dogs out when I noticed the dark clouds rolling in. Supposed to rain so I wanted to let them out b/f it started and just as I was getting them back in the house, oh it started! Rumbles of thunder and heavy rain. Supposed to be severe tonight so guess I will have to hold down the fort here! LOL. I just looked out to see poor Curly starring at the rain through the fence on the barn door, he is so bored when it rains, doesn't like to get wet so he stays in the barn until it passes.

After they came in they all piled on my couch to take naps...all 3 dogs and of course Miley kitty! How useless are they?? Just look at them! Heee. I slept on the couch last night so my blankets are all thrown on the back of it, guess I need to get them folded.

Yes I am in the country as I said b/f so messes like you see here are common, I have cleaned it up a bit where some person whom I let use the shop and things for a while out there made a horrible mess everywhere and left it, drug in all sorts of trash and junk in my shop and yard and just lef it all for me to clean up, I mean it was just Awful!.. so nice of them wasn't it?? This is a small part of the back area that I have fenced in. I have cleaned it up a very great deal but still have more to go as you can see.

More of my chicken pen, this is in the back part of my property also. Junky looking but hey, I like it and it is the best I can do for now! Well, that's all for now.... got so much to do, just feel like curling up on the couch and going to sleep listening to the rain...Yawn!

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