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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ok, Excuse me while I brag for a change!!

Michael getting ready for a swim during their hike in the mountains!
Three of Celena and Michael's friends during their hike in the mountains
with them a couple days ago.

My SIL Michael (plaid shirt) and his friend Collins and of course Lysha (doggy)
enjoying the beautiful scenic mountains a few days ago during the hike.

My precious and beautiful baby girl Celena Jem (dark shirt) and one of her friends that
went hiking with her and Michael and Collins and their other friends and of course Lyra
and Lysha!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one of these people who has to attach at the end of every sentence how much I pay for everything.. wouldn't do me any good! LOL! but today I am going to brag about my baby girl! God has blessed them so much so I have to brag on them!!! I am just so happy for her and her hubby. When Michael returned from Afghanistan this last time he bought Celena a Coach handbag,. paid $650.00 for it.. they range in price according to size, smaller ones are less expensive but Celena loves big bulky handbags and that is what Michael bought her so it was more expensive. He is so good to her and wanted to buy her something he knew she would absolutely love.. and she did!! He has always been a romantic.. always loves to buy her gifts and spoil her. They are living in Oxnard, California, they have a beautiful home right on the beach in a very upscale neighbor hood, over looking the harbor, it is a 3 story home, has a third story balcony, stone fireplace, wood floors, spiral stair case, just an awesome home on the water and yesterday the realtor called to tell them the house was going to be reduced in price to $500,000.00! This is due to the fact the housing market has slowed down so much there with the economy being so bad everywhere. Sooooo My baby is living in beautiful sunny California, on the water with a gorgeous picture perfect view over looking the harbor, living in a half million dollar home and toting around a $650.00 hand bag!!LOL!! I am just so happy for her. I know these are things that are temporary most likely but she has experienced something I never did and she will always have this time in her life to look back on and smile. She and Michael struggled at the begining of their marriage financially but during his last deployment to Afghanistan they had a good financial plan and he saved up most all his paychecks, when he got home he had a very big savings, he lavished Celena in a few very expensive gifts, he enjoyed some things himself, he also bought a beautiful new truck, paid cash so they have no payment on it and they moved into this gorgeous home on the water and furnished it. They have managed their finances well, Celena recently landed a cool job she loves working at a trendy preppy shop where they also serve all these health food drinks,occasionally have a celebrity stop in from time to time. Soo, I say YOU GO GIRL! She and Michael deserve it, they have earned it and with Michael having been deployed to Afghanistan twice he certainly deserves it for sure! They love to go into the mountains hiking which they do very frequently,usually with friends, she sends me all these pics of breath taking scenery, oh it is just beautiful. Have lots and lots of pics she has sent. They always take their doggies along, Lyra and Lysha. Celena is supposed to be sending me a ticket to fly out to visit sometime soon. I really am looking forward to going. I used to live in LA as a child. Here are just a couple pics from a few days ago when Celena, Michael and about 4 of their friends went up in the mountains hiking again. She gets to walk on the beach every day with the dogs and enjoy beautiful hikes in the mountains almost weekly, and enjoy so many other fun and beautiful things that area of California has to offer...I am so happy for her and Michael, I truly am. Don't mean to sound vain or boastful, but I am just so happy for my baby girl and Michael!! They are blessed.


  1. I am so happy for Celena & Michael, WOW, what a wonderful way to live, and as you said, they will always have these memories, Cali is a gorgeous state, with so much to see & do, Celena deserves the best, and from all accounts, sounds like she's getting it!!!

  2. How wonderful for your daughter and
    SIL,you have a right to be proud of
    what they have done! Have a great
    time out there!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. First of all, "Thank You Michael" for your dedication and service for this great country, you're all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Wow, that sounds wonderful, a house on the beach, balconies, warm weather....

    Enjoy your trip to Cali, we spent 3 yrs there, I loved the heat!

    Frozen in the North,

  4. Carmen, I have followed your blog for quite awhile now sweet friend, and my thoughts are, if ANYONE deserves it, it is them! Michael is a hero, he has put his life on the line for our country for quite a long time now and I could not be any happier for them!!!! They deserve every bit of it, and just the story of how Lysha was rescued makes me cry tears of joy everytime I read about her (I'm crying now...LOL) What awesome scenery for a hike, It's just beautiful and please thank Michael AND Celena for all the sacrifices they have made!!!! ((BIG HUGS))

  5. Aww, thanks gals for your sweet and kind comments!! Makes me cry too!!! You guys are so sweet! God Bless each and every one of you!!