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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playing with the Camera having a new toy...hee

Curly resting next to my new chicken pen I built.

Part of the new chicken pen, has a hen house that is enclosed. Hey, I am in
the country and you use what you have! LOL. There's about 2 acres or so of woods behind my chicken pen that is my property also and a creek back there some where. Wish I could have it all cleared out and grow a HUGE garden. Would love to have tons of corn and beans, etc.. I have quite a large yard in front and on the side of me so I usually have my garden there, hoping this year will be no exception. Can't wait for this Spring Show to be over next month so I can start working on the garden and some flower beds.
Gathered some big brown eggs this morn, went back this afternoon and found
a small white egg. This old double sink was in the shed so I put it in the hen
house, propped it up on some crates, placed hay in it for nest boxes and they
are laying their eggs in it. Now I don't have to go on an Easter Egg hunt in the barn every day
looking for eggs!
Here is one of my Roosters and a few hens. I have ten hens in this pen area and
one rooster. Have a couple more hens & roosters , Trying to
get some eggs hatched out with the Silkies that I have so they are penned
separately for now.

Curly being nosey as always, right in the middle of what ever is happening!
Sure has turned x-tremely warm the past few days, going to need to get Curly
sheared real soon.


  1. I love all the bright color of Chickens and thought about getting a few but we have no place to keep them and already have 4 dogs and 3 cats..I think that is enough for now :)

  2. Love the country pics especially Curly.Reminds me of my grandparents farm.They made do with what was around to.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. I like your construction. I think it's perfect. There is a small shed, barn, in the Mary Jane's Farm magazine built of pallets. You are right....use what's already there! Happy Sunday.