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Monday, February 7, 2011


Kinda depressing... sort of like that "after Christmas blues" .. yes I am talking about FootBall season being over! Watched the Super Bowl of course, My boys won... yippeee... and now it's like"Gee, what do I do now?" no more Saturday College games, haven't been for a while and No More Sunday afternoon or evening games! Monday Night Football gone.. what in the world did I do b/f football season started?? Guess I am desperate and will have to watch some games I recorded while I was at church in the evening on know, kitty Miley will be upset too.... So I must pull up those games I recorded and watch them! Oh I hate that FootBall is over!!! I watched a few movies today and thsi evening while I caught up on some doll stuffing. Been very windy here tonight, 31 MPH wind gusts and expecting up to 40 MPH gusts through out the evening. Been raining an awful lot, foggy, just yucky weather.

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