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Monday, August 30, 2010

Quite A SCARE,Corkey and Zoey to the Rescue!

I have had trouble sleeping for quite some time, last night I had to leave church service a little early b/c I was sick to my stomach and not felt well all day so I came home and actually fell asleep on the couch. My daughter Celena has been out of town for several days so I was home alone..When I awoke it was two in the morning , I decided I would go on to my bed but wanted to let the dogs, Corkey and Zoey, out first. No sooner than I opened the front door they darted out and leaped off the side of the porch with their hair standing up on their backs and ran to the side of the house in a terrible angry rage barking and growling angrier than I have ever heard them and actually attacked a prowler outside my kitchen window!!! They double teamed him, I screamed and ran back in the house locking the door and was worried sick about the dogs but wasn't about to go out there! They chased him down the street, he knocked down my little white decorative fence in the front yard in his attempt to get away, Oh was I scared! Needless to say that didn't help with this insomnia problem I have been having. Now I will be lucky to ever get a wink of sleep! LOL!!! The dogs came back pretty quick, alive and well Thank God! I was so glad to see them. Lucky for that person Lysha didn't get out there too b/c she is a big Siberian Husky dog and will go right for the throat! Corky can be extremely viscuous when needed as in the incident this morning and has always been very aggressive protective. I have never heard such a racket and scary sounds as that this morning. I thought they were eating some one alive and I guess they nearly did. Zoey has gotten much more aggressive than she used to be but only when she feels someone is not supposed to be around here, otherwse she is sweet and loving. Sooo, hopefuly that person won't be back, hope he peed on himself when the dogs suddenly appeared and attacked! LOL! Blessings and a Good SAFE Night to All!


  1. You should be able to sleep, knowing that
    your dogs will protect you! I am so glad
    you and the dogs are safe!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Thanks Karen, have a safe and Blessed night!!

  3. Carmen, Thank God you woke up when you did and thought to let the dogs out! I wonder if the prowler could have been from Lysha's old home because they sound like horrible, evil people!!!! Stay safe!!!

  4. What is it that there seems to have been a rush of break ins or tries of such on Labor day weekends....My own daughter and her adopted family were gone out of town that weekend of Labor day and lord they stole two cars one is a BMW they found one touched..left a mess at the house took a bunch of things but left the computer and little things they can not hock or sell off...Thankful she and her little one was not at home alone at that time...

    As well Glad you did not lose any thing at the same time sorry about you losing that little space your peace of safety whom ever must of been watching your place seen your daughters car gone or maybe even have access to some of the traffic cameras that the Police and government seem to think are she was heading out of town... if she drove this is what I assume of your ordeal of that week end.. or maybe as she was making plans over the phone for I know some will record the conversation of private talk on any phones... May the good lord see you through the rest of the days safely. Nora