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Friday, August 6, 2010

Celena's Wall Quilt...

Sandy called me the other night and said "You know where " must be freezing over.......... b/c both our daughters all the sudden want to sew and make tarts! WHAAAAAAAAAT?????? ALL these years they acted like they wouldn't be caught dead doing what we do and hated being drug around to the fabric stores and such but all the sudden this past couple weeks they both got the bug to sew and make tarts! LOL!!! Must be something in the air or water do you think????! I am just stunned! Sandy's daughter Samantha is doing bag holders and aprons to start with (check my side bar for her blog and give away )and my child,Celena, is doing an applique wall quilt of Owls. Celena likes owls and black birds now so that is going to be some of her decor I suppose. She likes colorful stuff so she made the owl wings with some color and wanted a nice big moon behind the owls, this one is going to just be for her own apratment when they go back to California , then she hopes to make more to sell. I think she is doing a great job so far! This is her first creation, I helped her get started with how to go about it but she did all the actual work herself. Today she drew out the pattern and cut the pieces out and we pinned them to the background and of course she had to go visit a friend tonight for a movie, but I suppose tomorrow she will start stitching and then we will put the Owl eyes and backing and border on it and post her finished picture when it is all done. She is so excited about it. She also wants me to make tarts with her this weekend..Oh MY!!! So hopefully we will do that too. I have been meaning to get some made, need them for the Fall and also I am out of them for my own use at home so hopefully we will get some done. Sandy's child and mine have been around this crafting all their lives so it isn't new to them about how to make a lot of it but they just have never ventured out on their own like this b/f. Celena has done stitcheries for me as long as I can remember since she was about 8 years old and I believe Sandy's daughter has too but this is a whole new window for them now with their own creations and ideas!! That's all for tonight!! Blessings to all of you!

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  1. It is so funny isn't,our craftin daughters. I was down helping Samantha tonight with anew apron pattern, She did a great job. Celena's doing a good job on her quilt, can't wait to see it finished. Tell her we need to go fabric shopping. Samantha is going to drag Chris to Hobby Lobby tomorrow and get a sewing machine like mine.
    take care and happy craftin.