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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Prairie Dolls

Prairie Dolls from a "Prim Folks By Judy" pattern, I love this pattern, so easy to make. I have had it for a long time but just never made it up so in looking for something super easy and fast for the show next week, I made these girls, have to say it is my favorite prairie doll pattern of all the ones I have. Used the wool feedsack printable from ewenmeprintables to make their shoulder bags. Need to stick something in their bags, sweet Annie probably, and they are ready for the show.


  1. love them prairie dolls... its a sickness for me I tell ya :) I can't get enough of them! Yours are wonderful!!

  2. I love these dolls; I sure want one! I am sorry I haven't emailed you back; but all the dogs here have been seriously sick; it has been a real difficult time. I hope you are doing better:) Good Luck on the show; hope you have some dolls in red???hmmmm... Love to you from us here at the bulldog house!

  3. Hi Carmen,
    I am going to go up to the show. I think you all are about 2 hours from Jacksonville, FL. I wanted to come up and check out the show.I love your dolls you just made. Hope I can find you at the show, cause I want one. Take care and have a good time at the show.
    Prim Huggs,

  4. I just got my Primitive Garden Wreath Annie vaccume cover pattern.
    Can't wait to make her! This is an adorable site with awesome patterns!

  5. Just love your dolls. They are so dear. Hoping I can find Prim Folks By Judy. I'd like to try myself.