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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mouse in the House! EEEK!

OK, occasionally I do spot a mouse in the kitchen. I live sort of in the country and have a big wooded area behind my house. Tonight I went to the kitchen to heat a pizza slice, as I was taking it out of the micro wave this little teeny tiny mouse comes running out from behind it and just sits there looking at me, he was only inches from me as though he was not afraid at all. It sat there looking right at me, scared me at first but then I saw how cute his little face was with those bead eyes and big ears, he was so tiny. Soo what do you do?? I didn't have the heart to set a trap so I took pics instead! LOL! He is so tiny he climbed up on the cord plug going into the wall and sat there on it and just looked at me. Then he ran to the other side of the counter behind the micro wave and came out that side and just sat looking at me again, did this several times as though he was playing. I even said a few words to him (guess I am lonlier than I thought! hee) and he didn't seem afraid at all. How can you kill something so tiny and cute looking you right in the face?? So I just shared my pizza with him, broke off a tiny piece of crust and sat it in front of him and he grabbed it with those teeny little paws and ate it. So I hope he just finds his way back outside and I don't have to do anything about the little visitor. Got my camera and came back in the kitchen, he seemed to be as curious about what I was doing as I was about what he was doing, I snapped a few pics right up at him and he didn't seem to mind the flash and camera noise at all.


  1. Carmen, he is CUTE:D Seems like he likes you too, I wonder if you could get him to go into a cardboard box, maybe put a bite to eat in there, then move him back outside that way??

  2. He is a cutie. We live in a wooded area in the country also and get these little critters occasionally. My poor dog goes crazy if she seems one. I have never seen one in my kitchen but I have seen them hop down the stairs from our attic to help them selves to the bird food out of our birdfeeders we leave by the back door. We bring the feeders in every night because of the bears. I'm so surprised this little guy was still long enough for you to take a pic.


  3. He is so cute, almost seems like a pet. Wonder if someone lost him?
    Unusual for them to be so calm and friendly.


  4. soooo cute <3 I'd catch him & keep him, he definately seems to like you =]

  5. I couldn't have done anything to him either. He doesn't know mice don't belong inside homes. I hope he went back outside. Now you know he's gonna tell all his little friends there's a nice lady in the house that gives you pizza.