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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Day.... and my precious Curly!

Well another day, Thank God! Have you ever woke up and wondered "what in the world was I thinking for the past 3 years??" LOL.. inside joke! I am feeling much better these days about lots of things, trying to move forward and move on. Anxious to take a deep breath and see what new things are around the corner for me. Have a show coming up really soon and not ready for it, need to buckle down hard and get busy. Was going to go this weekend to see the new cop movie with Richard Geere in it but decided not to, I feel funny going to a theatre by myself. I went by myself of course when I went to see "The Blind Side", felt a little funny at first but no one noticed so it is just me feeling silly! The weather was beautiful today, no rain, hope things continue to dry out some. Everything is too soggy and muddy lately. I don't like tracking through mud puddles every morning when I go out to feed the chickens and my precious olde Curly, my goat! He always waits patiently for me. Curly always manages to hear when I first get up, he hears the movement in the house as this is an old house is up off the ground and if I don't come out soon after he hears me get up and decides when I have had enough time to have come out to feed him, he starts making noise at me. He is such a hoot, I just love him to death. Gee does he need shearing badly, his hair is sooo long and curly. I keep wanting to get him sheared but the cold weather won't seem to go away and I don't want him to get cold and get sick. I have had Curly for about 11 years, he is so sweet and has such a wonderful personality and is great company. I don't know what I would do w/o him around he is so funny, intelligent, and entertaining. Well, Jay Leno is on so it is getting late..better get busy trying to hand stitch on some rabbit dolls b/f I start to get sleepy..Take care everyone and God Bless!


  1. Hi Carmen, I wish I had a goat for a pet - Curly seems so sweet. We have a Siamese cat and if he is not fed by 6:00 a.m. he has this ritual he goes through to get out attention--making noise by jumping and sliding his claws down the door facing, knocking my husband's glasses off the night stand, and if that doesn't work he goes to the spring door stop. That can be very loud when everything is quiet and you are half asleep. Carmen, from someone who has been through what you have, I call that wisdom (referring to the past 3 years you mentioned). I know it is really hard right now but time will take care of that. We can't change our past, so try to look to the future. After my divorce, I was 48, I felt like I had given the best years of my life to someone and now it is over - what do I have left. Oh My! I was so wrong. I met someone whom I had known for over 10 years. I only saw this person one or two times a year; he was a business connection. Well, to make a long story short I found true love and we have been married 15 years. There is life after divorce. Good luck at your show -- sell a lot of prims!

  2. I'm glad your feeling better and Curly is adorable, he looks like a wise and loving soul under all those curls:)

  3. Your Curly is a sweet little animal. He looks just like our pygora who we also named Curly. Alas, he died an untimely death last week. I will sure miss him and his gentle spirit.