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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Starting Over..litterally

Well my blog had a glitch that I couldn't straighten out, so I had to delete my blog and start over.. hmm, just like my LIFE now! Starting over again there too. Always thought at this age, 51, my life would be more secure and settled but instead I am starting over again. My heart is broken into a million pieces but I guess it will mend. I am also starting over with my website, it is now The Olde FarmHouse Road... formerly Little Country Blessings. Jennie is still working on it but should be up and running in a day or so. Well, guess I have a lot of work to do sewing and also to get my blog filled with pics, etc. Thanks to all who stop by! Blessings to you all, Carmen


  1. What do ya know, I'm the first follower on your new blog! I recognize Sandy's kitchen in the picture, you don't just sew when you go to see Sandy, you bake too?! Here's to a great new beginning!

  2. Godspeed to you Carmen on new beginnings and I'll have me a slice of your pie, lol.....YUMMY!

  3. Look at it this way Carmen, a new blog for a fresh start! *hugs* I am going to be a follower here too!

    Take care and I hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Carmen-sounds as though a fresh start will be good all the way around for you. From what I've read you have so many friends who surround you with the love and support. I'm a new follower and supporter. Will be placing an order for a mammie soon. So will look for your site to be finished. Stay positive, and look to the future-I'm sure that God has a plan for you!
    To new beginnings.............

  5. Carmen,

    Hope your fresh start is just what you need! Remember all things done through Christ will strengthen you! Best of luck!


  6. YAY!!! A new beginning! Best of luck to you in the future. You are in my prayers.


  7. Wishing you all the best in your 'new beginnings'.
    Prim hugs

    The Krazy Kraft Lady

  8. Hi Carmen. New year, fresh start, and it looks like lots of support from friends. We're a strong breed, we women! You will be just great! And the pie looks too yummy! :)

  9. Best wishes for your "new start". I hope you will find the peace you are looking for. I look forward to following your blog and seeing all your wonderful creations.


  10. Hey,
    it is looking good, if you need any of those freebies link you were looking for let me know.
    see ya sooon hopefully,

  11. Hi Carmen I tried to comment on your blog yesterday and it wouldn't let me. Wanted to say I have you in my prayers sweetie and hang in there. If you need to vent anytime I'm an email away. Sending you BIG HUGE cyber HUGGGSS !!!!

  12. Hi Carmen, Hope you are doing better sweetie. My prayers are with you. I am so very sorry that you have to through this. Be thankful you have your beautiful daughter Celena to help you. I know your heart is breaking, and there isn't anything anyone can do but be here if you want to talk. My thoughts are with you. Love and hugs. Linda

  13. Carmen, I followed you on your other blog and will continue on this one. I know what it is to start over. I did back in 2003 it takes time but things will get better for you. Sounds like you have lots of wonderful friends that support you. Take care and I am here if you ever need to chat. Also, I'm not far from ya, I'm a hop, skip, away over in Jacksonville, FL. Take care, Melanie

  14. Congrats! on opening your site! I love your work. :-)