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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amish Goat Cart

This old Goat Cart I purchased many years ago from a local antique store here in town. Since I moved over here over 3 yeras ago I don't have the room I used to so I have always had a hard time placing the goat cart some where and refuse to leave it on the front porch.. probably wouldn't be there the next day if you know what I mean! LOL! So Finally I saw a pic in a magazine a couple years ago, was a quilt shop who had fabric bolts in a cart at her shop so I deceided that was a great idea! Soooo,I filled it with fabric bolts, works for me! And gets the cart out of the way. You can see the messy box with doll parts hanging from it too..LOL!


  1. Love the goat cart, great piece for storing supplies.
    I am always scouting for items in our stores, that look good and have a use, which for me is supply storage;)


  2. Hey,
    i got a place for that goat cart. Your room is definitely neater than mine now. Mine is a disaster.

  3. I'm with OCC. I have a great place to put that old goat cart. What a great find. I love it. I see that you are reorganizing too. I had a deadline and just made it. Having hand and wrist surgery Thursday and am going to be out of commision for several weeks but needed to be organized so I could do somethings one handed.
    Love your blog and I love your vacuume covers. Especially the Mammy one. I collect african and black memerobilla (sp)? Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will come again