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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Messy Sewing room, no shame!

Ok, I know sewing rooms just can not be neat and clean unlesss you never use them! LOL. Here is a pic of just one rack of fabric bolts that I have. This is an old barn door a dear old farmer man locally was going to trash, I knew him and asked about it so he gave it to me about a year or so ago and I attached it to the rack that some of my fabric bolts are on to help hide the messy. It also serves as a great back ground for taking pics of new pattern designs. The greenery hanging from the gate has wonderful sentimental value, the greenery is from my precious daughter Celena's wedding. It was on the Arch that I decorated for her wedding & they were married under the Arch, was an outdoor wedding. (Sniff Sniff, Cry) Next, I have two of these racks full of bolts of fabric, I obtained the racks years ago from the trash bin of a local walmart store who threw them out. They were formerly used in the garden center for plants at that walmart but when I saw them out at the trash, I knew immeadiately what I could use them for!!.....they work perfectly for holding these bolts of fabric! So I got a neighbor with a truck and asked them to help me salvage the racks, and of course as you can see we did!

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