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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Snow,Snow in Georgia! WoooHoo!

I know those folks up north think I am crazy but I have wanted to see snow for ever! We finally got it today in Moultrie, Georgia! It started early this evening maybe around 5, started out just really thick, within an hour it was coming down so heavy and fast with flakes larger than potato chips and covereing everything in a light sheet of white, so gorgeous!! Oh it was so beautiful! I stood out in it for over an hour taking pics, could hear neighbors and their children yelling and screaming playing it in it all excited! I wanted to play too but had to act like an adult. I didn't really think it was going to stick b/c it has been raining all day long but hasn't been out of the 30's. Then this evening it started snowing and was sticking and within an hour or so it was covering roof tops and everything. I hope it stays through out the night and I can get some beautiful pics in the morning. I took pics until it got too dark out side. But it is still coming down! Oh, here is my snowman I built on the back of my car..heeee, ok, don't laugh, we don't get any practice at this sort of thing here! Well, back to sewing and peeking out the window every few minutes to look at this very unusual and beautiful sight we are enjoying here in SW Georgia! Blessings, to all, Carmen.


  1. Woooooot Woooooot for you Carmen.....Glad you got some snow =0) Enjoy it. And your lil ol snowman it.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  2. Only another southerner could understand the "thrill" of such a light snowfall!!! In Louisiana we just had our most accumulation in 10 years. My grandchildren got to build their first ever snowman!!!

  3. Glad your enjoying your snow. Even though we have had a few storms hit I still get a little thrill to see it come down. Did you see where Rome was hit by snow? If I understood the report correctly, that has not happened in a very long time if ever.

    We had flurries last night and suppose to have more today through Monday.... Enjoy!


  4. It's wonderful - I live north of Tifton GA - about 30 miles east of you and we had at least one inch of snow. My granddaughter was up for a visit today,from Tallahassee FL, and there was still enough around to make her first snowball.I read today that it was snowing in 49 states yesterday.

  5. I live in SW Minnesota. The last three Mondays my children have had snow days. No school and everyone is getting a bit stir crazy. We have snow drifts as high as our vehicles and my husband got caught in one (unusual, because he never gets stuck) that was high as his shoulders!

    The snow you are having won't blow around like our enjoy. If you ever need anymore snow I have plenty to share...PLENTY!!!!!