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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Around My House . December 2013

 Welcome to  a little tour of my  house...which at this time of year becomes my old prim Christmas House!  I have whole nother big box of greenery, garlands, and all sorts of goodies and  things that I didn't drag out this year so it is a bit more bare than usual....haven't felt a whole lot of Christmas Spirit as this year has brought the greatest heart ache I have ever known. First the death of my beloved dear BFF of 20 years, my dear, dear Sandy Schmidt who sadly passed away from cancer September 5th, 2013.. I miss her more than I can ever say. My heart is so broken and life so lonely w/o her. Then, tragically only a matter of weeks after her death was the sudden death of my dear sweet brother in law, Bob Margraf. This has indeed been a horribly tragic and difficult year with more sorrow than I have ever known. Two people who are so wonderful and giving and that I loved so much... and now am missing so much. I love you both so very much. Most all my decorations (as with many of us) have a story and a wonderful memory to go with, most of mine are connected with my BFF Sandy. I have posted pics from the front porch, living room, kitchen and back porch. Hope you enjoy my humble little tour......  Starting with the wreath on front porch window, my ice cicle lights.. the blue tear drop.. love them.
 Front porch. My house oddly has two doors on front porch that lead into house.
 Tried to get a pic of the ice cicle lights while they were on at night, they are so beautiful.
 On the front door....Wooden Candy Cane that I brought from a friend of Sandy's, her name is Ann... at the Market Day show years ago.
      Christmas Tree clippings that I got from a local Christmas Tree lot.Used it through out the house and porches.
                                        More Greenery on the front porch.
More greenery on front porch covers a bird house made from old Barn Wood.. bird house was purchased from a local antique store.


  1. Have enjoyed your Christmas decor pics - thanks for sharing! I just put out some little houses that belonged to my sister who passed in '05. It was bittersweet to do, but it is good for us to cherish these things that remind us of our loved ones. Peace this Christmas♥ ~*~Lisa

  2. Looking very festive my friend, Hugs Francine.