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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Around My House . December 2013

 Yet another purchase from The Olde Green CupBoard in Jacksonville.. this was purchased the very first time of many, many returns to that shop that Sandy Schmidt and I would make there together over the years.  But sadly, it is no longer in business. And so terribly sadly.. my BFF Sandy passed away a couple of months ago.. September 5, 2013. I love and miss her so very much.But back to the Santa.. He is handmade by a woman who lived locally. Sandy and I both purchased  Santa's that day and paid a pretty penny for them too! He sits in a chair that has a hand painted chicken on it that was purchased from a local artist. This is in kitchen at end of the bar. Can see the doggies dishes!
 The mini Mason Jars on my light string over the white Hoosier Cabinet in kitchen.
                               Long view of part of the kitchen.
Remember these dime store sparkly glittery old elves back in very early 60's??? Brings back childhood memories. These were an ebay purchase years ago. These are sitting on wooden box next to another Colonial Tin lamp in my living room by front door.

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