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Monday, December 12, 2011

Just because...

Lyra giving Miley a Christmas Kiss!

Just a few more pics I had taken around the house. This little wooden Santa and sleigh, one of my very favorite things, I bought when Celena was about 6 years old. We had gone to the mountains for a vacation that year in October, actually I think it was the month and year that Sandy and I first met, been friends ever since!

Another ugly very prim santa that I just love! It is from the lady Sandy and I call the "Rag Lady" b/c she does all these really great super prim dolls. I believe Sandy bought this one from her for me as Christmas gift.

The big Christmas Ball is from Tucker's Farm booth and the santa tucked in the wooden cheese box is another one that Sandy made while I was visiting with her a couple years ago. We decided to do a project while I was there, she did the santa and I did a Caroler.

My grandbabies..hee.. Lyra and Lysha, visiting meLysha giving Miley Christmas Kiss

Bristol and Zoey love to play with Lyra and Lysha.

Aren't they just beautiful?? I love them to pieces!

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  1. They are SOOOO beautiful!!!! What sweetie-pies, just love them to pieces;) love all your decor, so pretty!!!