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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Evening

Celena, my baby.Always a dog in the pic around here too....

Lyra and Lysha and me....Celena spent the night with me last night and we went to a Christmas party tonight. Afterwards I changed into my nightgown ready to settle in for a night of Hallmark Christmas shows..LOL.. Celena changed and got Lyra and Lysha ready to head back to her house in Albany.

Celena with her babies, Lyra and Lysha and of course Bristol and Zoey wanted in on the pic too.


  1. I love the Hallmark Channel and have it on now even though I am on the computer. I love the pictures of all your fur babies and your DD :)
    Nancy insidenanashead...come visit me too

  2. Those are beautiful pics Carmen (love the one of you in your jammies...tee-hee;) Lyra and Lysha always bring smiles to my face they are just so precious!!!

  3. beautiful babies! mine are always in my lap lol