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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I did it....

Had nothing else on the agenda for today so I spur of the moment decided to just go ahead, do the dreaded chore of putting away all the Christmas decorations. Nothing is out now except my small Prim tree in the living room that has nothing but the candles and a string of small silicone tip lights on it. Everything else is put away and oh how bare it looks in the house.. I thought I would be missing it a lot more than I am when I took it down, always sad to do it, BUT, I knew I wouldn't get motivated to get anything else acomplished moving forward as long as I still had all the decorations out. This is actually the earliest I have ever taken down my decorations..LOL..Now maybe I can focus on patterns for spring and many other things I need to do.Supposed to be down in the 30's next several nights so I have my fleece PJ's on, getting cold in the house already.There is a College Football Bowl game on so I think a cup of hot cocoa and the ball game sound like a nice treat for the evening! Sweet Dreams and lots of Happiness to everyone..

Wishes for a safe, Happy, and Blessed New Year to all of you....


  1. Happy New Year Carmen (((((BIG HUGS)))))

  2. wishing you a blessed & Happy New Year,I've already started list as well as sketching out what to do in the New Year LOL

  3. Yes..I guess it is time to relax but hard to do that after all the rush and work that goes with Christmas...Have a great NY and stay warm :)