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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

My precious Grand doggies Lyra and Lysha.. came with Celena to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with me.....they were being Naughty on Christmas Eve, always fighting over the same toy, they are as bad as a couple of two year olds!

Corky wearing her Christmas present, it is actually a collar with the Bulldog scarf attached!

Lysha giving me Christmas Kisses as they got ready to head back home Christmas night, Celena had to be at work early day after Christmas.

Lyra and Lysha getting ready to go home. I just love them to pieces!

Celena and Me Christmas Day, and of course always a doggie in the pic, this time it is Bristol

Celena and her Dad Christmas Day. I always invite him over for Holidays if he has no where to be, I know Celena appreciates it too.

Christmas Eve night, waiting for Santa (hee) Celena cutting up apples for the Apple Crisp she wanted me to make so badly, then when it was ready for the oven she dumped the whole pan in the floor! There is not a China shop in the world that will let her w/i a 100 yards of it. She has that natural gift of being a cluts. LOL. And of course as I said, always a doggie in the pic.. this time it's Corky!

Lysha, the rescue Husky, has become soo spoiled. They are banned to the back porch while eating... She is holding one of her Christmas toys in her front paws, she has placed the other toy in her food dish while she lays down and eats her Christmas Dinner out of her paper plate! Guess this way she can guard everything from Lyra and my doggies... Now that is a thinking dog!

Lyra's ears and a good pic of Lysha smiling so big, She is so happy these days and just loves her toy.. she has hung on to that thing ever since Santa gave it to her Christmas Eve!


  1. cute pic's , sorry about the apple crsp, a friend of mind had the same luck with a pecan pie all over the oven LOL oh well Christmas is all about memories right? LOL!

  2. Awww, such precious pups:) Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas and I just love your new lamp post!!!!!

  3. what sweet dogs you have! I enjoyed seeing the pics of the happy poochies.

  4. awww, how beautiful! It's so nice to see dogs being treated so well. They sure have a wonderful life.
    Thanks for sharing.