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Friday, June 25, 2010

Wholesale order completed! Whew!

I just recently finished up a big wholesale order. 13 dolls in all. Now that I finally got back to the doc and got something for this RA , I am able to work a little better w/o all the pain so bad. There were 8 bag holders and 5 vac covers in this order. All are made from my own pattern designs. The mammy bag holders are from my Mammy's Chicken-N-Bags bag holder pattern and the other bag holders are made from a variation of another one of my patterns. I put various items in their arms. Hoping to get some of my patterns copied for Sandy and sent off to her, she sells a few of mine on her website and then I want to work on things for the up coming Fall Shows!! Wooohoo! I am really looking forward to the shows this year. Will be like old times, Just me and my daughter and no extra headaches! Guess I will do the "Pattern Shuffle" and see what I want to get started on making! Later! Have a Blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Those are lovely Carmen and I'm glad to hear your RA is a bit better:) Lysha's pups on the sidebar are ADORABLE!!!!! They look like round lil' Butterballs, LOL! Give them some hugs & kisses for me:D

  2. everything looks great! you did a wonderful job !

  3. I love your dolls, they are so adorable!!!!