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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Treasure from Hobby Lobby

Yesterday Celena and I spent the day in Valdosta, I had a morning appointment so we spent the rest of the day having a fun girls day out. Had lunch at Sonny's Bar-B-Q. Then we went treasure hunting at Goodwill and found a few things each. Next it was off to the Mall... Celena bought some things for the dogs at Pet's Mart, then to Old Navy where Celena always finds the cutest clothes and shoes.. she is a definite fashion bug, always has been. The girl has more shoes, clothes and accessories than anyone I know! But I actually found a skirt at Old Navy that I just had to have and it was on sale sooo... WHEW!! That was nice! We went to several other places including Hobby Lobby. I of course needed some fabric so I used those great little 40% off coupons I printed out and I found this plate and bowl and couldn't resist it. They had several other matching pieces to go with but I couldn't afford to get all that this trip. They were 50% off, Celena bought me the bowl and I got myself the plate. I absolutely LOVE it so I wanted to post the pic to share. My kitchen is done in chickens.
It is a lazy and cool evening, Celena is lying on the couch reading a book, she loves to read and is also enjoying one of the (get this) Monkey Fart Tarts (yes that is the name of the scent) that Sandy made and gave to me... it smells like bananas and fruity I suppose, what ever the blend it does smell good. Never thought I would say I enjoy the smell of a fart...LOL...It is a very nice quiet evening here. All the dogs seem to have run out of gas for the night and are sleeping. Well, I have a wholesale order to work on so I better get busy b/f the lady gets very upset with me! Sewwwwww, I am off to work on the order, have to pay the bills some how!!!! .. Blessings to everyone!

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  1. Sounds like fun and i love that bowl and plate!!! How are the puppies doing, are they all healthy? I love the pic of Lyra licking the pup, I guess she has taken well to the role of "Auntie Lyra"???? LOL!