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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patriotic Music

Have added some patriotic music including a couple of oldie goodies from a USA war hero and Green Beret SSgt Barry Saddler whom I had the pleasure of meeting as a child (Gosh is he HOT!!), he wrote and recorded some songs from his tour of Vietnam that ended up very nearly costing him his leg.While serving in the Vietnam War, he was severely wounded in the knee by a feces-covered punji stick while leading a patrol in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, southeast of Pleiku in May 1965. I will never forget him. Unfortunately war can do a lot to a person and change them and his later years were not happier ones for him, he had seen a lot of death and a lot of brutal action in Vietnam. Very Sadly he was killed by a bullet to the head when entering a taxi, it remains a mystery who did it or why. Love and prayers to all our military, most espcially our own dear precious Michael in Afghanistan stationed at Camp LeatherNeck. We miss you baby, please be safe and God Bless each and every one of our Troops, all of our babies are special!! God be with you.
PS.. would also like to dedicate this to my Blog friend Carmen C. who's son is heading for Fort Benning, Georgia to Boot Camp in a few days and will be one of our Brave and treasured Soldiers. God Bless them all, God Bless the USA!

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