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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Puppies are now about two weeks old I think

They are so sweet and cute. Just opened their eyes the other day and then today a couple of them have started to do that baby puppy bark. They are also trying to sit up and walk but are still wobbly but OMG, these are the biggest strongest puppies I have ever seen! It is going to be so hard to part with them. Celena has already found homes for most of them I think but she is being soo picky cause she wants them to have a good and safe home. I honestly don't think she has told anyone they could definitely have one! Says she is going to run a back ground check on anyone who wants one and then go do follow up home visits after they get the puppy but I said I believe that is going a little too far! LOL!

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  1. Way to go Celena, I'd be the same way,after what poor mama had to endure, lets hope these wonderful puppies NEVER have to be hurt or abused. they're Soooooooo adorable!!!!!!!