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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New today

Had this doll body lying around for months on end now so I whipped up a dress and bonnet for her finally. Also had to take a pic of one of Lysha's puppies, they are playing with everything now and boy are those teeth SHARP! The puppy was biting my toes today while I was cooking lunch.OUCH! Feels like a mouth full of sharp needles going in you!
So I gave her a stuffed toy to distract her away from my feet while I cooked. She grabbed the toy and shook and shook it and was growling that little puppy growl.. too cute.

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  1. I LOVE you new doll!Will you be making it into a pattern?I hope so!I would buy it!I love your patterns!I love your blog too!
    Prim hugs,