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Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Nativity Pattern

Well, another evening shot. I worked on my new nativity pattern last night, had the bodies all stitched up, faces done... got up off the couch where I was working and went to the kitchen for probably less than five minutes. Come back in the living room to see Lyra (Celena's Husky dog) has chewed the Nativity baby to pieces and pulled out all the stuffing and has the Mary doll in her mouth trying to play tug of war with Lysha! Then I hear a crunching sound and look to see the bead eyes were gone off the Joseph doll and Zoey was lying there chewing them up. Hmmmm, All that in less than five minutes. If I could work that fast I would have a LOT more done!!! But they double teamed it so I guess they have that advantage over me. Sewwwwwww.. back to the sewing machine to re-make the dolls, got them done, got the hair on them and faces stitched different than before, more prim so I like the new ones better...but it got to be late and I was tired so I went on to bed, set my alarm, it goes off this morning and I am going to go to church but I was hurting so terribly bad with the RA and my head hurt and I felt nauseous so I laid back down on the heating pad and then next thing I knew it was eleven thirty, wake up with my hand so stiff and hurting. I get so angry at myself on days like this. I get so frustrated having this RA, it is so painful and ever since my emergency surgery from that epidural abscess this past Fall they won't let me take RA meds anymore b/c they believe it contributed directly to it, which leaves me in pain day in and out, some days a lot worse than others. I don't understand it. Sometimes I feel like I have suffered so much emotional pain most of my life, why do I have to suffer so badly physically too to where I try to get to church and can't even do that some days! Then I feel like people at church probably think I am just laying out of church, not bothering and it isn't that way at all. I mean no one says that but I feel afraid they will think that. It doesn't make sense and I know we aren't supposed to question God but days like this I just sit and cry. It is so hard to even type right now. If anyone knows of any over the counter products or otherwise to ease this RA, I would love to hear from you. I know one of my blog buddies also named Carmen suffers with fibromyalgia and I always think of her on days like this especially and also my friend Karen Betchan. I hope as the day goes on maybe I can get that new pattern finished and posted if this eases up, usually takes hours. Hope to make it to Church this evening too. God Bless. Carmen B.


  1. Carmen...((BIG HUGS)) to you sweetie, and I sure know exactly how you feel! I had a bad childhood complete with abuse and now in my adult life I still can't function well due to the fibro. I have questioned God on many occasions as to *why* sometimes even questioning if God is listening at all, but I know I am on this earth for a purpose and I may not see it yet, but one day when I leave this earth I hope it will all make sense:)
    I'm sorry to hear about the Nativity dolls, but bless those precious doggies they must have had such fun! I wouldn't worry what anyone at church thinks Carmen, it's not their business, hang in there sweet friend, I care and am here for you!

  2. I know the feeling too and I have days like that, sometimes we want a relief from the pain and it does get to us. I have several forms of arthritis, but I don't like taking meds, so I live with it. As long as I can use my hands and create, I thank God for those blessings. I have read Rick Warren's books, I really see things in a different way. He does have a website and you can get daily inspirationals.