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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

E-Pattern "The Nativity"

Finally got this done... it is an e-pattern only..Fabric Prim Nativity on a 14" grapevine wreath. I added lights to mine. Sorry about the pics, this camera is practically brand new and my pics are always fuzzy looking and just not real clear or rich looking colors, guess I don't have the settings right or something. Seems like I tried everything. Anyway, the e-pattern is finally done and I hope you will enjoy it. I have had so many requests from customers at shows for something more Biblical for Christmas decorations so I was happy to make it. E-pattern available at side bar to the left if you wish to purchase this pattern.

Blessings to all.


  1. It came out wonderfully. The picture doesn't look as fuzzy as mine come out;) Just a tiny shake when we shoot will do it. I take a deep breath and hold it, just as I take the shot, that helps.


  2. I have found that if you don't use the flash
    pics don't look as sharp. I try to back
    away from the subject and zoom in some so
    the flash isn't as bright on it. Try that
    to see if it helps. Check to see if your
    camera has an image stabilizer on it, that
    helps to keep your pics from being blurry.
    Hope this helps...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. love the new pattern! I know what you mean about a new camera, we just got one I so far all I know is where the on/off button is lOL

  4. I don't think your pictures are that bad. Here is a free photo editor that is very helpful for me.
    I use the sharpen and crop option a lot! And you can do lots of fun things with your pictures too.

    Have a great memorial day weekend!