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Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to Work!

Went to my little grand daughters b-day party Saturday, she turned one year old. Oh gee was it hot, they had it out in a park. Was really fun but just REAL hot. So I came home with a bad headache from the heat, and of course brought my little grandson Dustin back with me. He stayed overnight, went to church with me and then Celena and I took him back home to Thomasville Sunday evening. Such a sweet little guy. It is a very hot humid stormy day here today, Thunderstorms off and on, blowing in and out. Can't hang any laundry out today so I am just going to try to work harder today and get some more dolls made, I have an order pending right now for a customer who wanted an Annie and Praire Doll vac cover so I need to get her order finished up and also try to get those patterns I have been working on completed. Seems it takes for ever to get anywhere with this stuff lately! LOL! But honestly my RA hurts me so bad that it does slow me down considerably anymore, so much more slower than I ever was but if I stop doing anything completely with the crafting my fingers and wrists will just stiffen up. Hope all is well with everyone out there in Blog land.. Blessings, Carmen

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  1. UGH, my son is coming down to start basic training at Ft. Benning next month Carmen and I'm wondering how he's gonna take the heat:( SO glad to hear Michael is okay, but how scary! I hope your RA pain settles down some, I'm the same way with my fibromyalgia, some days I don't do much at all. ((Hugs from PA))