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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Sister

Sis is doing some what better, finally after two weeks she is out of ICU, in a regular room but not where she should be as far as recovery. They are talking of sending her to the rehab facility to get her strength up more, she is very weak which is to be expected but still further behind than she should be at this point. She is still unable to talk and that upsets me. I called her on Mother's Day but more like she had to listen and couldn't have conversation. Don't know why she has had such a hard time with this, she was in good shape  and strong otherwise b/f the surgery. Talked to her hubby on phone yesterday and today. He is hopeful she will be home maybe in a week or so if things go well..all prayers still appreciated. Her name is Teresa Margraf.
            I had a nice Mother's Day weekend. Both my girls (Kelly and Celena Jem) and my two grand babies (Dustin and Brianna) were here along with Celena's hubby and also his brother. We had a cook out and little party in the park for Brianna Saturday, she turned 4 years old. Was very beautiful weather for her party, cool and breezy, and just a great day. Everyone plus some was there, about 15 of us. The kids, even the grown ones, had a blast on the swings and slides, etc @ the park. The kid in us never dies.
  I am still talking to my old friend in Bradenton, he mentioned coming up for a visit so that will be interesting. Guess we can look @ each other and see how old and broken down we both look (LOL) and then go from there! Haven't seen each other in person in over 30 years, closer to 34 I believe. We are both 55 now. He was tall and dark hair, handsome, and such a wonderful guy. What the heck was wrong with me???!!!!!!! I let it slip away! Could've had a V8 ....LOL. The ignorance of youth, huh?? Anyway, it is what it is now and I am soo happy we have re connected. Never can have too many friends and especially ones as nice and kind as he is. Thankfully he doesn't know I have a Blog so I can post about it!! Heeee. Hope all you ladies had a Wonderful Mother's Day!!!! Until next time.
Kelly, me, Celena, Dustin, and Brianna @ the park Saturday for her B-day party! Woot!

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  1. Nice you had a happy Mothers Day and great news on your Sister, the power of prayer......YIPEE on the old friend, you go girl!!!! Hugs Francine.