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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Goat, Curly, the love of my life!!

 This is my precious Curly, he is a long haired Mountain Goat. Hasn't been sheared for a good while and desperately needed it b/f summer sets in.Took this pic last week. He follows me everywhere I go.
 The wool shears off in huge layers, just amazing. Eddie and one of his students came out to shear him yesterday. This kid he brought was absolutely amazing with Curly. No one has ever been as big of a help or knew how to handle Curly like this kid did. He was a great help to Eddie and made me so happy for Curly.
 Layers of wool just falling as it is sheared. Eddie's student helper handles farm animals a lot and knew exactly what to do and how to do it.Curly did the best he ever has during a shearing! Such a relief off my mind.It can get so brutal during his shearing and always has in the past but yesterday went so great.
                                                         Almost done!
 On back porch, the big pile of wool Eddie sheared off Curly! Looks like an animal lying there.The wool weighed in @ 8 pounds!!
                                                   Curly not standing still for this shot.
 Now he is ready for a frontal view pic! He is so puny and tiny after all that wool is off! Looks like a little lamb..but he is actually a long haired mountain goat. Doesn't even look like the same animal after this shearing.
AND...TA DA!! An 8 pound bag of pure wool compliments of Curly today!!! Wish I could lose 8 pounds that fast!!!!

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  1. Wow!!!! 8 pounds, Curly must feel so good, LOL!! If only we could drop weight that fast, to funny.....Take Care Carmen, Hugs Francine.