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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Been a long time since I posted. My sister has had serious heart surgery this past Monday and has had some major set backs. Finally today looks like better news has come and she is doing a bit better. Hope and pray it continues in that direction. She is still in cardiac ICU @ Tampa General after almost a week. Appreciate any and all prayers for her and family. I had my infusion treatment this past wednesday and have been very tired ever since, much more so than usual, hoping that will change. Things need to start looking up and I am sure they will. Need to get everyone healthy and happy again.  On a better note... early last month I have re-connected on FB with an old friend I used to date almost 34 years ago!!! We worked @ Tropicana together in Bradenton, Florida where I am from. My sister and her family and also my brother Jimmy and his wife still live there. Soo, my friend and I  have been chatting every day on FB and also on the phone a little so that has been fun. We are planning to get together real soon. Gee will that be an experience!! Haven't seen each other in over 30 years!! Ha!! We were both so young then, 20 years old. Funny I remember very well our dates that we did go on. He was such a wonderful guy and such a gentleman but I guess I was too busy trying to sew wild oats rather than see what a good thing I had right in front of me. My loss for sure! He is a great guy with a good job, not a drunk or an addict, SINCERE , HONEST, kind... such a HUGE and refreshing change from what I have seen around here! LOL!!I have been divorced for about 8 years and he is also divorced now so who knows.. be fun to get together again though. Certainly looking forward to it. Blessings to all....hope to update more as time permits, I have missed blogging!

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  1. Hello, have been thinking about you and wondering why no posts......Prayers for you family, and glad to hear your doing happy for you that reconnecting with a old friend, way to go!!!!! Hugs Francine.