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Friday, May 17, 2013

Around the Farm

My darling grand daughter, Brianna turned 4 this past weekend. So beautiful and oh does that girl have attitude!! LOL
Brianna and Dustin, my grand babies playing in the store.. Brianna calls them Aliens instead of Mannequins. She was saying "Look Grandma, I'm holding hands with an Alien!"..
Well, Miley is alive and well Thank God! My sweet kitty, chillin on the back porch. I had finally tackled that project, have it all cleaned up and set up with a big table top water fountain and lots of beautiful flowers and plants, antiques, an old rocker and a bench with an old quilt and pillow on it. I spend a lot of evenings out there just relaxing listening to nature in the huge woods on my property behind my house and also the trickling water fountain.The back porch is enclosed with wall halfway
up and then screen the rest of the way up so I can enjoy the outdoors w/o the bugs and pests. The jasmine is blooming everywhere in my yard and the smell is unbelievable! Love it on the back porch, so private, peaceful, smells so good and the nights have been so cool still so it is wonderful to just sit out here and enjoy the sounds and the blooming jasmine or sit out here with my laptop and just feel a little piece of heaven, Miley always sits with me out here.Makes it even more special.
Some of the Jasmine growing in the woods in the backyard. It is growing all in my wooded area in back of the house, by the sides of the house and just everywhere you look.I have the kitchen window open a lot and the smell is so strong in the kitchen too. It is sooo beautiful. Only God could create something so beautiful and that smells so sweet!!
Curly always follows me everywhere I go.. Kinda like "Mary had a little lamb, everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.."! LOL.. he is my baby. Loves to have his pic taken too and has to watch everything I do! Guess I have had Curly close to 15 years now. He is supposed to get sheared this week some time. Needs it badly. Poor baby. Say a prayer for him plz, he is up in age and he gets so stressed and upset when he gets sheared. It is hard on him and I can't bear to watch.
What a beautiful face.. only a mother could love..heee I Love my precious Curly baby!!!

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