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Monday, September 12, 2011

Hard days work

I worked my rear end off today, running around here like a crazy woman. Was hot, sweating like crazy, had to stop and get a shower. Have cooked,baked, & grilled food today,cleaned and cleaned house, plus taking care of my ex.. my daughter's dad who is recovering from surgery. So he is lying up in the bed with the a/c and a fan on him all comfy, I look around and I see Miley kitty lying on her back on the couch enjoying the cool air blowing from the a/c right on her while she sleeps so good, then there is that crazy dog lying on her back sleeping on the back porch and what you can't see is a fan right there by her back legs blowing right on her! I was thinking I am so glad everyone else is so comfy while I sweat bullets and work my tail off! LOL!

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