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Monday, September 19, 2011

The "Gang" all here!

My baby Celena, me, and Sandy at Cracker Barrel today... seems to be our meeting up place any time we travel and meet! But we have the same old stores here as everyone else does so there wasn't a whole lot of places to go that were interesting.. we all went to Albany instead of here in Moultrie. There isn 't hardly anything in Moultrie except a walmart! But gee, that Hobby Lobby in Albany had the nastiest restrooms of any public place I have seen in years!! It was absolutely disgusting in the ladies bathroom, just had been neglected for a VERY long time , the toilets and sinks were coated in filth, dirty rings all in them from not being cleaned, just horrid.

Celena, me, and Sami. The girls went to shop for a bride's maid dress and Sandy and I went to Hobby Lobby and all those interesting places(LOL). Then we all 4 met at Golden Corral for lunch, then out to the stores again. Was a nice day. Sandy and I went to the Dollar Tree, Sandy wanted me to ask the price on an item just to see if they would page some one to do a price check..LOL.. get it... Dollar tree... everything is a dollar!


  1. Hi Carmen,
    Just stopped in to say how great it is to see you out and about~ having fun with the girls! You and Sandy are a hoot!

  2. Very nice pictures..I love looking at other bloggers pictures :) Have fun and enjoy your day
    Nancy from insidenanashead