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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sandy and me, ready to go to dinner on the ship.Oh the food was Fantastic!

This is all of us but Sandy.. Samantha, me, Christina and Kaylan.

Why I posted this pic I have no idea! UGH! But this is the hallway where our cabin was located. Sandy and I had a cabin to ourselves to share and the girls had another to share of their own. As Sandy said, we woke each other up snoring!! We had a nice size two bed cabin, the girls had a balcony outside their cabin and 3 beds squished into it.. I was happier with the two beds and more room!

Looking up at all the decks from a lower deck inside the main area of the Ship. There are so many shops and bands playing, comedy shows, casino, just so much going on all the time. Always live bands playing different music styles through out the ship. Was great.

The glass elevator, we must have rode on that a hundred times getting from deck to deck. It was all so colorful and beautiful. My camera memory card was full by the first day so I am waiting for Sandy to send me all the pics she took on the cruise so I can post some more! Plus she has all those pics I haven't seen yet. I must say that on the cruise I have never seen so much bare skin and bathing suit fabric stretch so many differnet directions! Was all fun though.

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