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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Out The Door!

This is a single customer order(above), my Olde Prairie Blessings Vac Cover doll.
Pattern or finished item available on my website, also as e-pattern.

Just some little dollies...... Part of a wholesale order

More wholesale order

Still wholesale order....

YUP... Still wholesale order..............

6 Mammy Bag Holders in the box.. still wholesale order

My new Witch Head Door Hanger .. part of this wholesale order too!

E-pattern or mailed version available on my blog and website, also available finished

My Colonial Blessings Vac Cover doll, had three of these made up, two were for this wholesale order and one as a single customer order. All of this stuff went out the door today along with 6 pattern orders so I need to go full force ahead (if that is possible..LOL!) with my sewing , the show right around the corner!! All that comes to mind is..YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celena is supposed to get started on some stitchery pillows for the show. She will be here later tonight.

***** (Above) My "Colonial Blessings" Vac Cover as pattern or finished item is available from my website or blog, also available as E-pattern. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless! Have a Great week Everyone!!!!!!!!!!


  1. congats on all those orders! everything is absolutly wonderful!

  2. Carmen, my stranger friend, man do we need to talk, I would like to order one of those patterns of the prairie doll is the blue dress & mustard bib, I don't have a printer, so really need a preg pattern, send me an invoice,, and I will pay you pay pal, I love your wholesale order.
    Wedding photos are great, glad Michael is back home, & you will have Thanksgiving, we just pray Terry is here for thanksgiving! I changed blogs after what those FB women did to me on the prim sight its all roads lead primitive, follow me please, & my business blog is Terry's treasures& Primitives after Terry, who would of thought after all our problems, we would end up loving each other so much again! well send me that invoice girl! HUGS!