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Monday, September 17, 2012

Long Story, Long Painful Day!

Drove to Valdosta this morn for my infusion treatment. Oh what a day.. not what i had hoped for. The nurse had a real hard time getting the plastic tube threaded into my vein for the IV. The right hand didn't work, they do it through the top of my hand, not in my arm. The vein did something and she couldn't get it to go in and ended up a bloody mess, got all over my wallet I had out of my purse an...
d just made a mess. And it hurt sooo bad b/f she gave up that I screamed and was in tears. Felt like a hammer hit my hand. So she did the other hand and got it in but was still extremely painful. This is the first time it has hurt this bad. Plus it took about 3 hours so it was a long session. Afterwards it was on to the lab for bloodwork. i figured after that nothing could hurt that bad but i was wrong. They stuck the top of my hand for blood that was just used for the infusion treatment and again I about went through the roof, then they did the other hand and finally got the blood. By the time the treatment was over and the lab work, I went out to the parking lot to leave and some noodle brain has parked so close to my van I couldn't even get between the vehicles, much less get the door open. Finally a gentleman from upstairs in the doc's office offered to get in on the opposite side and climb over the seat and back the van out for me, I can't do that due to my RA situation. The person had parked soo close that even this really thin man couldn't get between the vehicles., so he got in and climbed the seats and backed the van out for me. Finally I was able to get out of there, went to Olive Garden for the soup, salad and bread stick lunch, was delicious.. then tried to run some errands but felt light headed and woozy, pounding heart beat off and on.. and just didn't feel too good after my IV session, usually it doesn't bother me very much at all. I was hurting pretty bad also from a fall I took Friday so I ran just a few errands and the headed back to Moultrie. Started to rain a bit hard just as I got in. Got home around 5 in the evening. My fridge is old and on its last leg, it has water running out of it a lot and it puddles up in the middle of the floor... right in the path where you walk to go out the back door so needless to say, I didn't see how bad the puddle had gotten Friday and slipped down right in it and broke my big toe, bruised my feet and knee, hurt my arms, legs and back. I was able to finally get myself up after I just sat there and cried for about ten minutes I was so frustrated and it hurt! still feeling the pain. Hurts to wear shoes! This is twice in about a few months I have taken a spill from that puddle. The first time wasn't as bad. I keep a towel in the floor in front of it but it had gotten moved. Soon as I got home today, I took the dogs out, fed Curly, took my pain med , got my heating pad and blanket and parked myself on the couch!! I feel like I have been beat up and thrown in front of a truck! LOL. Hoping tomorrow will be better. On a better note, My sister and Sandy had their doc appts today also and both got good reports so kudos to them!! WOOT!!


  1. Carmen, I am so sorry you had such a rough day. Are you sure you broke your toe - did you have to go to the ER? Tomorrow has to be better. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Hello Carmen, oh my, what a day you had, you deserved a good lunch. I hate those IV`s, hurt but your`s sounded so painful, so happy you relaxed when you got home after your chores. Glad to hear your sister and Sandy got both good reports, yipee!!!!! Enjoy the day girlfriend, Hugs Francine.

  3. Couldn't help but feel bad reading about your bad day - that is a doozie for sure. Hopefully it was all condensed into one day so the rest will be good! Take Care! ~*~Lisa